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Front (left to right): James Robben (Chair Elect) and Chelsea Ladd (Chair)                                                       
Back (left to right): Jessica Moffitt, Dhani Caldwell, Noelle Husmann (Secretary), Lisa Nemnich, Tyler Halligan, Audrey Werth, Sarah Wasinger, Jessica Norris, Brady Reed, Brittney Squire, Schuyler Coates, Kaiti Dinges

Hays Area Young Professionals 


About Us

The mission of Hays Area Young Professionals is to promote the development, recruitment and retention of young professionals in the Hays area; to build a bond between the business community and young professionals; and to help make the Hays area the best place to live, serve, work, and play. To learn more, view the About HAYP guide.

Who we are

We are the determined, energetic, charismatic hard-workers you want on your team. We are a team of go-getters driven by a desire to make great things happen in the Hays area. We are inspired by the wants and needs of the community, and we are here to make a difference.  Individuals between the ages of 21-40, seeking to expand their business and professional contacts, interested in giving back to the Hays community, looking to meet new people socially, or those just willing to have a little fun!


The HAYP organization is an arm of the Hays Area Chamber of Commerce.  Guidance for this group is provided by the Advisory Council which is pictured above.  In addition to the Advisory Council there are three committees that assist with keeping our group busy and moving forward.  Those committees are as follows;


  • Civic/Volunteer Committee - This committee is responsible for organizing opportunities and events to engage HAYP members to fulfill their civic duty by helping others in need. This group reaches out to various organizations requiring outside assistance and allows members to be involved through actions such as volunteerism and community awareness. 
          Meeting information - The first Wednesday of every month, Mokas, 4:30p.m. No RSVP needed.
  • Leadership/Personal Development Committee -This committee hosts a series of lunch speakers and other professional development opportunities to promote growth in the areas of leadership and networking. This team is committed to providing opportunities for HAYP members to remain informed about local programs and services in an effort to cultivate community connections. 
          Meeting information - The fourth Wednesday of every month, Gella's, Noon. No RSVP needed.
  • Social/Networking Committee -  The role of this committee is to promote professional, relaxed, and enjoyable events for HAYP members to participate in throughout the year. These events allow members to connect in an informal and comfortable setting, while providing a variety of fun activities to participate in within the Hays community.
          Meeting information - The first Thursday of every month, Gella's, Noon. No RSVP needed.

We are always looking for new committee members to help with events and generate new ideas. Contact the Chamber at  hayscc@discoverhays.com for more information.

Goals of HAYP

  • Promote and reflect community enthusiasm
  • Provide opportunities for social and business networking
  • Help establish the next generation of leaders in the Hays area
  • Offer ways for HAYPs to volunteer and give back to the community

YP? Y not?

Hear directly from a few of our members why they chose Hays Area Young Professionals.

Requirements to be an HAYP Member

At this time the HAYP organization does not have any specific requirements or stipulations other than paying your annual dues. The level of participation is up to each individual HAYP member. When participating in HAYP committees, events and activities we ask that you respect our code of commitment.

Code of Commitment
  • To be present (in person or electronically).
  • To provide my service, enthusiasm, and skills.
  • To participate in meetings, events and activities.
  • To respond to communication as needed.
  • To meet deadlines for RSVPs on social events and other activities.

Benefits to Employers

HAYP is a great way to attract and retain young professionals for a stronger economy.It's an opportunity to save recruiting costs – the networks of your best and brightest employees are your most valuable referral source. HAYP can help educate your employees in areas such as leadership, community and economic development, and building their network of contacts.

For a full listing of benefits, view the Benefits to Employers Guide.

Want to join?  Have more questions?

For information about HAYP member fees and incentives and to join view the listed documents below. Applications may be returned to the Hays Area Chamber at 2700 Vine Street, Hays, KS 67601 or emailed to hayscc@discoverhays.com.

Regularly Reoccurring HAYP Events

Lunch with Leaders -  This is an intimate lunch with a community leader planned by the Leadership/Professional Development Committee. Approximately five young professionals are able to ask questions and learn from active members of our community. Lunch is at Gutchs at Noon, the date can vary. There is a new guest speaker at every lunch.

Connection Lunch - All members of the young professionals are encouraged to attend this lunch. There is a planned program every month, planned by the Leadership/Professional Development Committee. This is a great time to network for a short lunch hour with fellow young professionals, eat a great meal and exchange networking information. This event is the third Tuesday of every month and the location varies.

Happy Hour - Take a little time to informally network with your young professional peers on the last Tuesday of every month. Planned by the social committee this event is come and go from approximately 5:00-7:00p.m. at varying locations. No RSVP needed to attend.

For all monthly reoccurring events, please visit the 'Calendar of Events' page on our website and follow us on Facebook  for the most current updates! Email hayscc@discoverhays.com to RSVP for any of the events (specifically anything with a meal) that you wish to attend.

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